He has rewritten the God's First Commandment... How long can the blind fools continue to follow that BS. ?

Matt 4:10
10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (KJV)

Actual scripture can't matter to those who cant tell a cracker from the body of Christ, or that the queen of heaven is merely another whore of Satan.

The false prophet has arisen before our eyes. The one who serves the beast from the sea.

This article is NOT intended to offend readers of Activist Post.com, nor any platform readers to which it may be reposted. The main purpose for my delving into absurdities the current Roman Catholic Pope Francis expounds is to point out, if Catholics and others have not realized yet, the RC Church probably has been overtaken, if not compromised, with the very antitheses, or contrary opposites, to what apparently logic and ethics cannot defend morally for the church’s more than 1.2 BILLION Catholics in the world, per Vatican figures in March 2013.

Pope Francis has an almost unprecedented distinction of being one of very few popes to step in and replace a formerly reigning pope, e.g., Benedict XVI, who, apparently, has become a burr in Francis’ side.

The bizarre stories of the four other popes to have resigned in the last 1,000 years. On Feb. 28, Pope Benedict XVI will become the first pope to resign in almost 600 years.

One seriously has to question why Benedict XVI voluntarily resigned rather abruptly, since he seems to still be actively defining doctrine and dogma for the RC Church. For those who researched into a rather questionable ‘past’ of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born December 17, 1936 in Argentina, some unpleasant issues emerge [1], which ought to be factored into why a JESUIT probably was elected to the papacy seemingly at a time when the New World Order (NWO), the Illuminati, and other “key eugenics actors” are involved in an ever-expanding, plus accelerated, implementation of the Hegelian Dialectic [problem, reaction, solution].

Pope Francis probably is, and may be, dowdy or, more likely, is in lock-step with NWO dictates since he’s endorsed a “Leftist” agenda:

He has splintered all of bethel's Catholics. There is an uproar which must be answered. The following video expounds on the schism pope Dagon has caused. Many, many priests, cardinals bishops and lay persons have essentially cast him into the role of antichrist.

watch and learn... https://youtu.be/FBOeHudjqGM it presents the heresy from his own lips....