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Thread: Arctic blast could bring record-breaking temperatures across the U.S.

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    Default Arctic blast could bring record-breaking temperatures across the U.S.

    Arctic blast could bring record-breaking temperatures across the U.S.

    By Justin Carissimo and Victoria Albert
    Updated on: November 12, 2019 / 1:19 AM / CBS News

    An arctic blast could shatter more than 300 records across the U.S. as it brings freezing temperatures to nearly 222 million Americans. The dangerous weather on Monday caused accidents and travel delays in the Midwest.

    Nearly 6 inches of snow fell in Chicago, where a plane slid off the runway at O'Hare International Airport. None of the passengers or crew members were injured, officials said.

    "The coldest we can be"

    The National Weather Service said Tuesday and Wednesday may see record cold from the southern Plains to the Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes and beyond, thanks to what it calls an "arctic airmass" that started in Siberia and has been spilling over a big chunk of the Midwest and East Coast.

    There will still be plenty of snow into Tuesday in parts of the Northeast as the weather service reported the region may see up to a foot of snow, creating what it called "hazardous travel conditions."

    A cyclist navigates a snow-covered street in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on November 11, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Getty Meanwhile, temperatures were forecast below freezing as far south as the Texas Gulf Coast.

    Records are expected to be broken in Chicago, as well. Weather service meteorologist Kevin Birk said the high for the Windy City is expected to reach 21 degrees, which is seven degrees lower than the previous record set for Nov. 12. Low temperatures in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa could drop into the single digits, according to Birk.

    "This is an air mass that's more typical for the middle of January than mid-November," said Birk. "It is pretty much about the coldest we can be this time of year (and) it could break records all over the region."
    - The Associated Press

    4 deaths linked to poor driving conditions

    At least four people have been killed Monday in car crashes linked to snow, ice and poor driving conditions, officials said.

    In Michigan, three people were killed in a two-vehicle car crash, according to a Facebook post from the Eaton County Sheriff's Department.
    "It is believed that the very poor road conditions were a factor in this crash, however, it remains under investigation," the sheriff's office wrote.

    In Kansas, an 8-year-old girl was killed when a car lost control on an icy highway, according to the Kansas Highway Patrol. The car crossed the center line and hit the vehicle carrying the child head-on, causing another vehicle to rear-end her car.

    More than a foot of snow expected in parts of the Northeast

    More than a foot of snow is expected in parts of the Northeast in the coming days. The National Weather Service said northernmost Maine could see 10 to 14 inches of snow through Tuesday, and parts of central and northern Vermont could also see up to a foot of snow.
    Lesser amounts are expected in northern New Hampshire and parts of the western Maine mountains and foothills. Other areas will see a mix of freezing rain and only an inch or two of snow.

    Temperatures will dip into the single digits Tuesday night in the northern half of Maine and New Hampshire. The cold temperatures will continue Wednesday before warming a bit later in the week.
    -- The Associated Press

    More than 1,000 flights canceled in Chicago

    Airlines at O'Hare and Midway airports have canceled more than 1,000 flights amid snowy conditions, CBS Chicago reported.

    The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory, which was in effect until 2 p.m. Total accumulations are expected to reach 3 to 6 inches, with the heaviest snowfall expected over the northern and central parts of the Chicago area. Snow totals were expected to amount to 2 to 4 in the city.

    A daily record was set for snowfall at O'Hare by midday with 3.4 inches of measurable snow. Average delays are over 90 minutes at O'Hare and less than 15 minutes at Midway.

    Snow wreaks havoc on St. Louis rush hour

    Sixty-one crashes were reported near the St. Louis metro area Monday as snow began to fall, CBS affiliate KMOV-TV reports. Nine people were injured in the crashes, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol Troop.

    The snow also worsened traffic on a number of interstates. On one interstate, a jack-knifed tractor-trailer blocked all eastbound traffic, KMOV reports. On another, an overturned tractor-trailer blocked all but one eastbound lane.

    Black Jack Fire Department
    The city is under a winter weather advisory until 6 p.m. CST, with 1 to 2 total inches of snow expected. Winds are expected to reach up to 30 mph. The National Weather Service warned that "the rapid fall of temperatures into the 20s could result in a flash freeze of untreated roads, bridges and overpasses."

    Plane skids off runway in Chicago

    An American Airlines flight from Greensboro, North Carolina, slid off a runway at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Monday morning after its landing gear snapped. None of the 38 passengers or three crew members were injured.

    "I think everybody was just holding their breath because we didn't know what was coming. A lot of people were bracing for it, grabbing the seats in front of us," passenger Shaun Steele told CBS Chicago.
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    Little bit chilly here on Peach Hill.
    Mid 20s now and not expected to get out of the 20s for highs today and tomorrow.
    Back in the 40s Thursday.

    Bring back global warming.
    I don't see the down side
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achilles View Post

    "This is an air mass that's more typical for the middle of January than mid-November," said Birk. "It is pretty much about the coldest we can be this time of year (and) it could break records all over the region."
    - The Associated Press

    Low 20s last night here in Dallas.

    Yes, that's more like a January temperature.

    Average freeze date here is usually around November 22.

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    Good deal for the deere hunters FINALLY the stamps and such just might be frozen over the many years in the past. Geesh you would think this doesn't happen at all the way some seem to think these days.
    Maybe a good tracking snow layer around Like in the PAST ALSO. Yeah nothing about this earth is normal never has been never will be. seasons come seasons go but I sure have fond memories of many deer hanging up in the trees at our house, with Tons of snow around and one can only do that when Temps are COLD.... And hunting time has not changed either. Just that finally getting back to what some should also say is a more NORMAL winer. LOL Ya again Whats IS normal??? LOL Ya so what if the colder temps came a week or so early? That is Mother Nature, saying Nothing About Me Is Normal. LOL

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