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Thread: Telling Time: a sign of the times

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    Default Telling Time: a sign of the times

    Co-worker asked me the other day "What time is it?" I gestured to the clock in plain view. He said he didn't know how to tell time.

    Young man, early 20's at most. I assume he grew up in a digital-clock home, if he had one, and received a poor education. Surely he should have learned it in school. He seems basically intelligent.

    There has been talk about modern kids not learning to write cursive, since they do everything on phones or other keyboards, but this is the first occasion I had encountered someone who couldn't handle an clock.
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    Yeah, I picked up on that years ago, if it isn't digital they do not know, gets worse than that when they can not name 15 states, or which side was on the south or north, the dumbing down has worked beyond expectations

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