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Thread: Cyber Monday sets record with $9.2B in online sales

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    Default Cyber Monday sets record with $9.2B in online sales

    Cyber Monday sets record with $9.2B in online sales

    $11 million spent every minute during peak shopping hour.

    By Ken MartinFOXBusiness

    Boxed CEO Chieh Huang discusses online retail as shopping season kicks off, delivery services given poor weather conditions, the future of online retail, and his company remaining private.

    Shoppers let their fingers fly across the keyboard to set a record for Cyber Monday sales.

    Preliminary data from Adobe projected sales of $9.2 billion by the end of Monday and remains the largest online shopping day in the U.S, growing 16.9 percent year-over-year as of 7 p.m. ET.

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    There is more to come as shoppers hit the “golden hours of retail”, which are the 4 hours between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. ET, will drive 30 percent of all Cyber Monday revenue at $2.8 billion, as shoppers hit buy before deals run out.

    During the peak hour of 11:00 p.m. ET- 12 a.m. ET, consumers will be spending $11 million on average every minute.

    Amazon announced on Tuesday that Cyber Monday was once again the single biggest shopping day in the company’s history, based on the number of items ordered worldwide.

    Smartphones were the device of choice hitting a new record, accounting for 33 percent of Cyber Monday sales at $3.0 billion, which represents 46 percent growth year-over-year.

    “Retailers unlocked sales earlier to combat a shorter shopping season, while continuing to drive up promotion of the big branded days including Black Friday and Cyber Monday," said John Copeland, head of Marketing and Consumer Insights at Adobe. "Consumers capitalized on deals and ramped up spending, especially on smartphones, where activity increased on days when shoppers were snowed or rained in.”

    Top sellers on Cyber Monday include Frozen 2 Toys, L.O.L Surprise Dolls, NERF products, Madden 20, Nintendo Switch, Jedi Fallen Order, Samsung TVs, Fire TV, Airpods and Air Fryers.

    Other highlights include:
    Cyber Monday had the best deals for televisions with average savings above 19 percent.

    Shoppers that participated most in Black Friday online sales came from New Jersey, Connecticut, and Oklahoma. Due to unusually high rainfall and snow, some consumers have opted to stay indoors and finish their shopping online.

    The holiday shopping season, from Nov. 1 through Dec. 1, has generated $72.1 billion online to date, at 16.3 percent growth year-over-year, topping Adobe’s forecast of 14.1 percent.
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    I call BS..

    Remember sales have been records for the last decade but when JAN rolls around they all are revised "DOWN"..

    And the MSM just glosses over their "lies" of "predictions"...

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    The lamestream media hypes rising online sales, but never provides the total amount spent which would include declining retail numbers. They are clumsy and amateurish in their non-stop lying.

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    So, while we're experiencing a booming economy thanks to Trump's policies, we doubt sales increased for the holiday season.

    Guess that means we've seen evidence that Americans are saving again instead of spending every new cent they get.

    No? American's aren't saving? Then they're spending, and the increase in sales makes perfect sense.

    Or, the economy isn't doing so well, so doubting this news makes perfect sense.

    Evidence I see at Amazon shows they experienced the record day they claim -- most sales ever in their history. Came online Monday evening to order items that can usually arrive next day (for Prime members) and all were out to Thursday, some to Friday. That can only happen if Amazon is hit so hard with orders they can't keep up, and they're very good at cracking the whip to keep up.

    This article shares more data. For example, sales down for Black Friday but up on Thanksgiving day, and severely up online through Cyber Monday:

    Last year's Cyber Monday figure was $7.9 billion with smartphones alone accounting for $3 billion of it:

    Do not doubt! We are in economic boom territory! Winning! MAGA!
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    Yes the economy is doing great. And That Alone with make 2020 a Trump win. As long as it stays very good Trump will win hands down. But not if the economy talks. And the D's can't win in 2020 cause they can't dispute the facts that the economy is doing great under Trump. MAGA and keep[ it going in 2020.

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