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    Via Valentina Papagna (yet to be approved)


    Jesus wants this nation of Australia to come to Him and repent

    During my morning prayers, I offered the whole of Australia to our Lord, especially because of the ongoing drought, the devastating bushfires, and thick smoke blanketing many cities and towns.

    I lamented to our Lord, “Lord, it looks like You have deserted us! This weather that we are experiencing is unbearable. People are dying and losing their homes, and it’s not their fault. Lord, when are You going to do something about it?”

    Both our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother appeared, and they said to me, “My daughter, we heard your plea and prayers. We don’t abandon people, even when they go through the hardest period of suffering.”

    Blessed Mother said, “See, what sin causes. The sin of mankind leaves behind consequences. It affects the whole country, all of the people. This drought represents sin. Nature is so dry and thirsty, just like the souls of mankind are dry and thirsty because there is no God in their lives.”

    “My Son is waiting for people to turn to Him and to ask for His mercy. He is willing to forgive, but hardly any people plea to Him for His mercy. He is willing to change things for the better, but people will then never learn from their mistakes, they need to acknowledge that they sin against God.”

    Our Blessed Mother is very concerned for her children. She said, “Soon, you will hardly have any water left, and people should be worried. Instead, they do not care and just continue with their shopping and seeking material things. My Son is waiting for people to repent of their grave sins. He is waiting for people to say:

    Lord, we have greatly sinned against You,
    Please have mercy on us and
    Forgive us our wrongdoing and
    Forgive us for being so disobedient.”

    “He will then open Heaven and pour abundant water upon this dry country. My Son, Jesus, wants this nation of Australia to come to Him and repent. Only God can give life to the full.”

    Jesus said, “Do not be discouraged, do not despair, do not give up. There is hope that I will change things for the better.”

    Blessed Mother said, “Because migrants have brought so many different religions to this country, people have abandoned Christianity. My children do not abandon prayer, especially the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Through prayer, my Son can touch the souls of non-believers.”

    Lord, be merciful to this country Australia.

    Australia in Catastrophic State of Emergency: 4 Dead and Now Over 1 Million Hectares Burned (2.5 Million Acres)

    Climate Crisis: Millions of acres canola buried in Canada: New drought hits California: Fears of more flooding in England: More Aus bushfires: Snow in the Arabian Gulf

    Huge Hail Pounds Brisbane as Devastating Fires Burn Out-Of-Control Across New South Wales and Queensland, Australia

    Sydney smoke: city covered in thick haze as more than 50 bushfires burn across NSW

    Austrian Mudslides, Flooding and Avalanches Kill 1 Person, Injure Several Others

    Massive Mildura dust storm leaves Victorian town 'unliveable' amid 40C heat

    Australia fires: record-breaking temperatures fuel bushfires across the country

    Monster Storm Smashes Sydney with Huge Hail and Damaging Winds Leaving 76,000 People in the Dark

    Total fire bans in six Australia NSW regions as 146 blazes burn across the state

    Australia fires: NSW towns cut off by bushfire as Queensland residents told to leave

    From Deadly Typhoon Kammuri in Philippines to Out-of-Control Fires in Australia, Extreme Weather Events Become the New Normal on a Global Scale

    Australia fires: blazes 'too big to put out' as 140 bushfires rage in NSW and Queensland

    Sydney under siege! "Only flooding will put this fire out," no meaningful rainfall until late January, leaving 5.5 million people chocking in 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) temps

    Western Australia bushfire out of control as temperatures expected to surge above 40C (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

    Singapore Company Sells Australian Water to Canadian Fund as Australia Suffers its Worst Drought Ever

    Aussie Bushfire Update: Sydney's drinking water in danger: We're not going to get these fires put out! Baby bats being left for dead in thousands: Expecting highest temp ever this week

    Aussie bushfire update! Incredible footage, 70m flames confront firefighters: Bushfires blazing out of control on opposite sides of the continent: Homes threatened in both Sydney and Perth

    Bushfires Are Raging Outside Every Major City in Australia. They're Only Going to Get Worse

    It’s So Hot in Australia Right Now That Animals Are Dropping Dead From Trees

    In Australia, 30,000 Urged to Flee in Advance of Worsening Fire Conditions

    Australia: 'Suicide': More than 30,000 trapped in East Gippsland: Melbourne on fire: Fires creating own lightning: Sydney surrounded: Wildlife annihilated

    Australia bushfires: towns devastated and lives lost as blazes turn the sky red

    Australia: Thousands of people trapped on a beach: Whole communities cut off: NSW 120 fires, 68 not contained: Towns without safe drinking water

    Darkness at noon: Australia's bushfire day of terror

    "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time." (Dn 12:1)

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    Jesus spoke to me while I was praying. “this was meant to happen to this country of Australia. To go through this very hard period of catastrophic weather, heat and fire.”

    He looked at me and said, “Valentina, My child, I, your Lord, lament to you and I want to tell you how My Heart grieves for so many sinners, because this country already permits and legalises for it to be ok for the abortion and euthanasia bills to go through and also homosexual activities. Slowly people agree and accept this but they don’t know the consequences that bring about all this. They forget that God is watching and knows all. They can’t fool me! They try to dismiss me completely, but they will never succeed.”

    “these firs had to happen, My Divine justice has reached Australia and I hope they learn from it and ask me for My mercy and to be forgiven.”

    “my children, console Me and pray for all non-believers.”

    “Valentina, don’t be afraid of anyone. Simply ell them the truth and I, the Lord Jesus, teach you.”

    Lord, have mercy on us.
    "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time." (Dn 12:1)

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    Feast of St Thomas Aquinas

    When I had received Holy Communion and gave thanksgiving to Our Lord Jesus for coming to me and all in the church, almost instantly Our Lord Jesus appeared. He said, “appreciate that you can still receive Me freely because I tell you, this will not least. The times are approaching very fast for changes in the church.”

    “The first thing they will tell you that Communion is not important anymore. They will remove My body completely for the Church.
    But don’t lose hope, there will still be some good priests and faithful to assist people in a secret place, refuge but these will be scattered and only very few. You are going through very difficult times.”

    “this is a sure sign that My coming is not very far away. I want you all to trust Me. Pray for your faith and wisdom so that you won’t lose your faith an My guidance.”

    I am always with you and I love you.”

    Thank you, Lord Jesus. Have mercy on us.
    "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time." (Dn 12:1)

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    Blessed Mary, most Holy came and told me, “My daughter, lose no hope for what is coming in the world. With sickness and incurable diseases, so many people will die without repentance.”

    “my daughter, accept the suffering. My Son will give you. I know it is very painful but you can still save many souls. Endure with love. The angels will assist you and My Son Jesus will give you strength and grace.”

    “don’t worry and don’t fear. You will not be touched by this disease. Tell our children they also will be protected.”

    Our Blessed Mother asks of all of us to pray the Holy Rosary for all the people who are dying so they can come to the light and be safe

    Tribulation Protection: The Blood of the Lamb
    "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time." (Dn 12:1)

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    Valentina Papagna
    (yet to be approved)


    Prayer and Sacrifice Needed in These Times

    During my morning prayers and much suffering for Holy Souls, the angel of the Lord appeared and said, “Come with me, I will reveal why you suffer.”

    Suddenly we found ourselves in a dark place, where there were many souls. They were all dressed in pitch black.

    I asked the angel, “Why are these people dressed in pitch black?”

    He answered, “These are the people that recently died unprepared. They died from the coronavirus disease.”

    “I will tell you why they died. These people were given medication, which was the wrong medication so that they died even sooner.”

    “Why they are all in black is because they died unexpectedly. Now they are in such misery and suffering, and that is why I brought you here to help them.”

    Black represents unrepentant sin.

    “To purify them, they need a lot of prayer and sacrifice.”


    Prayer Needed as Virus Spreads

    This morning the angel appeared and said, “Do you know the group of souls I showed you that died from the Coronavirus, that you prayed for and offered up at the Holy Mass, come, and I will show you how many more are waiting for relief.”

    We arrived in a dark place in Purgatory. I said to the angel, “I thought the souls were relieved from this part of Purgatory.”

    The angel said, “You know you only took a small group from there to Holy Mass. Do you know how many are here?”

    I answered, “No.”

    He said, “One thousand five hundred are waiting and crying to be relieved. The number you took is only a drop in the ocean compared to what you see now.”

    I asked, “How am I going to take out all these one thousand five hundred souls? That is a lot of souls.”

    The angel answered, That is why you need to put this message out and ask people to pray for them, and that will produce beautiful fruit. The virus is spreading, and many more people will die. Pray for protection.”

    Later that day, I attended Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. During the mass, our Lord came to me and said, “Pray for the world. The world is getting into terrible turmoil. There is a lot of confusion, especially because of the virus. The world economy is gradually collapsing, and it will go further down. Due to this virus, countries cannot trade with one another. These events are prophecy coming to fulfillment.”

    Jesus said, “With all that is happening in the world, with the economy collapsing and with the virus spreading, still I Am rejected by the world. They do not turn to Me!”

    “I permit the world to be stripped of the wealth they worship so much. I Am patiently waiting so they can open their eyes and acknowledge Me.”

    Blessed Mother then appeared and said, “Listen to what my Son is telling you because you are going through the period of the fulfillment of prophecy. You must trust my Son.”

    End of messages

    "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time." (Dn 12:1)

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    America to Experience a Great Hurricane

    It was about seven o’clock in the morning while I was praying, when the angel of the Lord came to me.
    The angel said, “I am the angel of the Lord. He has sent me to give you a message. Soon in America, they will experience the biggest hurricane, bigger than has ever happened before.The Coronavirus did not change the American people very much. Our Lord Jesus is very, sad about the way they behave. They do not realise that through prayer, they could achieve a lot of good things and peace. They do not realise that only through prayer and turning to God, this would help the American people.”

    “Tell the people of America to pray,”
    he said.

    Lord, Jesus be merciful to America and let us hope and pray for the American people.

    * * *

    The angel remained present. Soon after, our Lord Jesus came as well, and explained the prophesy given to me by the angel.

    Lord Jesus was smiling when He said, “You see, I send you an angel to bring you My message. Angels are My Messengers, and I send them to earth. They are coming to earth all the time. They come to you, My child, and they are with you all the time, and they guide you everywhere you go, and they protect you.”

    Lord Jesus continued, “I wish that people would recognise and thank the angels for their protection, that I send them because now there are more of them on earth than ever before. Now they are coming to earth all the time to protect you all because you are now living in times where it is very dark in the world.”

    He said, “Sin is number one, that makes all the darkness. The world is corrupted. All the events prophesied to come to the world, the signs in the weather, the hurricanes, are to awaken people to let them know that they must change. The prophecies now, they are being fulfilled. It will only get worse but do not be afraid because I Am ever so close to my faithful people, and I send a lot of My angels to protect you. Tell people to pray.”

    Lord Jesus said, “No matter what you see happening in the world now, the bad times you are going through, love everyone, and don’t hate anyone. You see many things that are not right and are not just. Still, forgive and love everyone.”

    * * *
    "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time." (Dn 12:1)

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    Feast of the Holy Trinity

    St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta
    Urgent Prayers needed for the World

    During the Solemn Holy Mass, I was thanking our Lord for allowing Me to be inside the church for Sunday Mass for the first time in a long time, and especially today for the celebration of the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

    Suddenly, I could see God the Father, dressed all in white and all glowing in a golden light.

    He said, “My daughter, I have to tell you how upset I Am. Look at the world! It is in so much turmoil and chaos. People are so confused. They obey the devil, the Black One. He now controls the world. He has so much power over My children, and everyone follows him. He makes them commit horrific crimes by destroying everything, even to the point of losing life, and people
    follow him. My daughter, I’ll show you the whole world in total darkness now.”

    As God the Father was speaking to me, He showed me in a vision, a black barrier surrounding the world.
    The barrier was of thick black, black smoke. It was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

    God the Father spoke in a tone of urgency and with admonishment of His children, but as a most loving Father. He said, “Only very few people pray. The rest of the world is looking for justice on Earth.
    Only in Me will they find Justice and Truth, not in the world.”



    Then God the Father said, “Don’t be afraid, My daughter. You are chosen to do My Will. No-one can harm you. What is all dark now, must turn to light and shine again.”

    He emphasised, “PRAYER, PRAYER, PRAYER MUST BREAK THE BARRIER! You all now live in very desperate times. This is not good.”

    These are the Holy Words of God the Father.

    I understood that the thick layer of black smoke surrounding the world arises from the sins of the world. The small number of prayers that are said by the faithful cannot break through this barrier to reach Heaven. So much more fervent prayer is needed now. As the churches have been closed, fewer people have prayed. God the Father, wants us to wake up and change, turn to Him with a lot of prayers. He wants many, many people to turn to Him and to start praying. That is the only way to break this darkness that is hanging over the entire world. Only then He can intervene, and come to us, help us and rescue us.
    "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time." (Dn 12:1)

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