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Thread: Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America

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    Default Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America

    I sent the following to friends and family via email:

    Most of you are well aware of the guillotines, gas chambers and crematoria at the FEMA camps. There is plenty about this on the Internet.

    The following article is a MUST READ….

    The second video is of little value. It contains information about eyewitnesses to guillotines, and the majority of it contains Protestant nonsense. Now, is NOT the time to listen to confusing nonsense that is way off base.

    The video of the interview of Celeste Solum is invaluable. She is a former FEMA insider. Note the detailed information that she provides. She possesses much more than a casual understanding of what is planned.

    Lastly, a bit of info from the past is provided to refresh your memories about the topic at hand.
    We will soon be called to the Refuges.


    Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservatives, Christians and Whites in the unfolding CIVIL WAR

    Via John Leary (yet to be approved)

    Sunday, March 29, 2020:
    At a meeting place where we had Mass after Holy Communion, I could see Jesus give us His cup which we are to share in His suffering. Jesus said: “My faithful, in the vision you are seeing Me hand all of My faithful My cup that I suffered in this coming Holy Week. You will all be sharing your suffering with Me as you endure this virus epidemic. I am quoting when I asked My disciples if they could suffer what I was about to go through. (Matt 20:22) ‘You do not know what you are asking for. Can you drink of the cup of which I am about to drink?’ This was when St. James and St. John wanted to be on My right hand and on My left hand in heaven. In the same way you will be sharing in My suffering. You know I am the great Healer. If you want to avoid this virus infection, or be cured of it, you must call on Me in faith, and I will heal you. When you come to My refuges, you can look on My luminous cross in the sky, or drink your spring or well water, and you will be healed in faith from this virus. You can build up your immune system by drinking your holy water, taking some elderberry extract, Hawthorn, and taking your vitamin C tablets.Have no fear of this disease because My power of healing is greater than the evil men and demons who made up this corona virus DNA. This is an evil plot by the deep state to reduce the world’s population. This goal is mentioned on the tablet of stone at the Georgia Guidestones, where the one world people want to reduce 7 billion people down to 500 million people so they can control you more easily.My power is greater, and I will protect My faithful at My refuges from any virus or bombs by My refuge angels. So have no fear.”

    January 20, 2015:
    Jesus said: “My people, you have no idea of how harsh the coming tribulation will be, when the evil ones will have a short reign. If you do not come to My safe havens with My angel protection,
    then the evil ones will drag you off to the detention death camps to kill you with gas chambers or guillotines. They know who the Christians are, and their intent is to exterminate anyone who goes against the new world order. Those, who are preparing refuges, will have only a short time to build them, before I will bring My Warning experience to everyone. After the Warning and conversion time, the evil ones will come looking for all of My faithful to kill them. I will not leave My faithful orphans, which is why I am providing My angel protection at My refuges. My refuge builders will need to have water, food, and fuel so I can multiply them for your survival. You also will need bedding for those who come to your refuges. You will have one of My angels appointed to watch over every refuge. You will have healing spring water and My luminous cross to heal all of your ailments. You also will have daily Holy Communion and perpetual Adoration. You all will be living in a community where everyone will have to contribute their skills to help each other. You all will need full trust in My help, and My protection. So have no fear of these events. Be ready to counsel any new arrivals to calm down their fears. You will not need guns because you will be protected with an invisible shield from your enemies.”

    February 7, 2014:
    Jesus said: “My people, you have read the account of how Herod had St. John the Baptist beheaded because of his pride in making an oath to his daughter, after a dance that delighted him. St. John had been put in prison because he had criticized Herod for marrying his brother’s wife. St. John was brave in speaking out to sinners in calling them to repent. He even boldly criticized the royal people controlling Israel. My people of today, you know of St. John the Baptist’s beheading, but you may not know of a Scripture passage in the Book of Revelation (Rev 20:4): ‘And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of the witness to Jesus and because of the Word of God, and who did not worship the beast or his image, and did not accept his mark upon their foreheads or upon their hands.’ This quotation is a prophecy of how some faithful will be beheaded in the tribulation for not worshiping the Antichrist, and not taking a computer chip in their bodies.
    It is also known by some, that guillotineshave been delivered to your authorities for the express purpose of beheading those people who do not go along with the new world order or are not taking chips in the body. These weapons are meant to scare people into submission or be similarly executed. You will see a tribulation coming, where Christians will be persecuted with martyrdom, as in the early days of Christianity. This is why I am providing My refuges of protection, where My angels will defend My faithful from the evil ones who want to kill My people.”

    February 29, 2020:
    Jesus said: “My people, during Lent you are focused on Me as you are doing your penances and giving alms to worthy causes. I am showing you this cross with chains and thorns because you will soon see more persecution of Christians. Already you are seeing some verbal persecution from non-believers. This will get more physical as you will see a destruction of churches, and even some people will be martyred for My Name’s sake. Eventually, your authorities will send out the UN troops dressed in black to try and force the people to take the mark of the beast, or a computer chip in the body.Those people, who refuse to take the chip in the body, would be killed in the gas chambers.I keep repeating to you, that when your lives are in danger, as with mandatory chips in the body, you are to call on Me and I will have your guardian angel lead you with a flame to My nearest refuge. My refuge angels will protect you from the evil ones. Refuse to take the mark of the beast because the Antichrist will control your mind with the computer chip in the body.If you are captured, you would rather die than take this chip in your body. Trust in Me and I will protect My faithful at My refuges throughout the coming tribulation.”

    FEMA “Smart” Guillotines Placed in FEMA Internment Camps (Video)

    On the Refuges

    When to flee to the Refuges:
    "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people; It shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time." (Dn 12:1)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cub View Post

    Jesus said:
    Rev 3:8 “I know your works – see, I have set before you an open door, and no one is able to shut it – that you have little power, yet have guarded My Word, and have not denied My Name.

    Rev 3:10 “Because you have guarded My Word of endurance, I also shall guard you from the hour of trial which shall come upon all the world, to try those who dwell on the earth.

    I KNOW He said that!
    1Jn 2:6 The one who says he stays in Him ought himself also to walk, even as He walked.

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