I am in Canada and I just completed my RPAL course the other day, which means I am a few weeks out from buying a pistol. I have boiled it down to 9mm striker fired for my first. I had my eye set on the IWI Masada when I was told (by Glock people) to forget the IWI and go for a Glock for ease of spare parts etc. I was also told that the Sig (I discovered the p320 m17 would suit my needs) would be 'on par' with Glock. Another dealer was very kind to also recommended a Beretta that I could buy from them. (the APX in my opinion is a close second to the Masada but I am unsure since it looks like it has the 'spikes' on the grip the same as the Glock which I didn't find comfortable so that will push it to 4th) Now I don't know. I am still leaning to the Masada cause after all it is made by iwi and as far as I can tell they don't eff around when it comes to quality firearms, but just to be on the safe side I will throw it out there for opinions. Oh I should mention I am lefty so ambidextrous controls are a must since at my course they had us do it all right handed and I noticed I swept my hand with the muzzle a few times while practicing reaching over to rack and drop the slide. (probably just noob errors but better to be safe with ambi controls)

I have broken it down like this:

1) IWI Masada (~$700)
2) S&W MP9 2.0 (~$700)
3) Sig p320 M17 (~$900)
4) Beretta APX (~$700)
5)Glock either 17 or 19x ($800-1000) depending on model and sites

If you have other suggestions in Canada minimum of 4.13 inches (105mm) for barrel length and 10 round magazines max. W
hat is your advice?