On the original 2001 National War College's Homeland Security webpage outlining their courses [which were scheduled to begin on 9-11-2001]... there was a nondescript course scheduled to begin Nov 6 right before the "Dark Winter" courses were scheduled to begin...

Here is that overview I copied from that original website back in 2001:

Topic Nine

6 November 2001

Homeland security is a rapidly evolving mission. Major changes in programs and policies have occurred in less than a few months. Depending upon current initiatives in Congress, the Administration and the Pentagon, the specific topic for this class period will be assigned on week seven.

All readings required for this topic will be provided directly to the students on week seven.

Topics Ten
Eleven & Twelve

13, 20, 27 November 2001

DARK WINTER is an exercise originally designed to highlight the challenges that Federal and state leaders would face during a major attack on the American homeland. Several scenarios were examined, but the exercise developers, the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security and the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies, decided that a bioattack during an international crisis and overseas military deployment would best demonstrate the deficiencies and fault lines. Many homeland defense/security exercises focus on consequence management. DARK WINTER creates a situation where senior leaders must face the challenges of crisis management, consequence management and international response in parallel, not sequence.

Goals and Objectives:

Consider impact of a biological attack on US national security
Examine State and Federal reaction to a crisis that is simultaneously local, national, and global in scope
Evaluate life and death decisions in a resource constrained environment
Address information management needs and the role of the media
Handle ethical, political, cultural, economic, operational and legal challenges

Students will be assigned roles during week four and will need to research the various public laws, policies, doctrines, assets and capabilities of the organizations they will represent during the exercise.

Required Readings:

Federal Response Plan: