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Thread: Prairie Fire: Guidebook For Surviving Civil War 2

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    Default Prairie Fire: Guidebook For Surviving Civil War 2

    Review of Prairie Fire: Guidebook For Surviving Civil War 2
    There are .50 BMGs mounted on rust-pocked Dodge pickups that patrol the sere, endless rangeland of West Texas. There are adobe walls formed from the hardpan Texas dirt, in the style of Afghan qalats, protecting ranches from Midland to El Paso.
    There are bodies of blue-haired, gender-confused commies, in various stages of putrefaction, adorning telephone poles along route 285. “Smashing Fascism Is My Cardio” and “Burn the Deplorables” T-shirts remain faintly legible despite the unrelenting sun and West Texas haboob winds. The turkey vultures have left little else.

    If this is what you think might happen, Clay Martin has the book for you. It’s called Prairie Fire: Guidebook For Surviving Civil War 2.

    A library of survive-the-coming-collapse books has been published. They have titles like Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide, How to Survive The End Of The World As We Know It, and The Civil Defense Manual. In this era of self-publishing, one may be forgiven for thinking there are more survival guides than people to read them.
    [rest at link]
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    “As a general rule, the earlier you recognize someone is trying to kill you, the better off you’ll be.”

    "You think a wall as solid as the earth separates civilisation from barbarism. I tell you the division is a sheet of glass."

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    Tnx fer the heads up.
    ''... I believe that the maintenance of the rights and authority reserved to the states and to the people...are a safeguard to the continuance of a free government...whereas the consolidation of the states into one vast Republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.''- Gen. Robert E. Lee

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