It remains to be seen whether American’s will tolerate this obvious criminality. The choice is stark, submission to tyranny or violent resistance that may very well end in the your death and the death of friends and family. The cost of resistance is higher today than yesterday. It is always so. With each encroachment that is accepted the next becomes more costly to resist. It remains to be seen what the American people will do.

One thing is certain: Those who have put this choice before us have used the threat of violence against us in order to gain submission and deserve every bit of violent resistance that is visited upon them. They have no moral authority, no lawful authority, and deserve neither respect or mercy.
May the Good Lord consign them to eternal damnation for the evil they have brought to us.

That by which the elephant is eaten. One bite at a time.
Ruby Ridge. An incremental reduction of threat
Waco. An incremental reduction of threat
Roger Stone. Really? a full SWAT team? In case the old geezer went full-Rambo in his underwear?
Another incremental reduction of threat (by way of making an example)
All. A display of the integrated and comprehensive power of our corrupt system (including the courts)
Incrementally, each and every Patriot is reducible with little to no risk to the machinery employed to do so.
Tell me the Bumblehive doesn’t have a pin for each and every one of us on its all-seeing electronic map.
With Biden/Harris hammer, which nail will NOT be “reduced” in the time and manner our Swamp sees fit?
For a guerilla/insurgent fight to be successful, don’t fighters need a pool to swim in? A big enough pool with other fish to hide with, be supported by, not informed on? Will a nation full of fools and cowards who are desperate to trade their liberty for assurances of security, can they supply that pool?
Currently reading “Guerilla Days in Ireland”. There was a majority in sympathy and support for the “Freedomistas” there. And a willingness to burn multiple homes of British enablers for every Irish home burnt by the Brits.
I have yet to see any parallel examples here in America today (as if the MSM would trot them out for all to see).

Every thing that happens from here on out can be directly blamed on the DemCom’s. 50% of Americans tried to do this the peaceful way, unlike the leftist socialist and sheeple. Time to clean house. The first two ‘Box’ methods (the soap box and the ballot box) didn’t seem to work, we’re almost out of boxes… Any blood shed will be on their hands, not mine. My conscious and my heart are clear.