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Thread: Public School Teachers Issue Students Their Summer Book-Burning Lists

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    Default Public School Teachers Issue Students Their Summer Book-Burning Lists

    Public School Teachers Issue Students Their Summer Book-Burning Lists

    March 2nd, 2021

    U.S.—With public schools entering summer break in a couple of months, teachers are usually taking this time to prepare summer reading lists for their students to keep up on reading over the summer. This year, however, due to the alarming rise in problematic literature, teachers will be switching to book-burning lists.

    "We need to make sure our students are trained to be vigilant and always look for problematic literature," said local 8th-grade teacher Lisa Bundergoob. "This list of hateful and transphobic books includes horrible titles like Irreversible Damage and The Cat In The Hat, which have no place in a progressive society and should be burned."

    According to sources, many public schools are de-emphasizing reading -- which encourages critical thinking -- in favor of activism, which is much easier since you can just have one smart person do the reading for you and tell you what to think.

    In light of these new developments in public education, several education watchdogs are sounding the alarm over unregulated homeschooled children who have "unfettered access" to books and often read without any government oversight whatsoever.
    "The government needs to stop them," said Bundergoob.
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    Public schools are one of the Planks of the Communist Manifesto.
    And, all 10 Planks have been adopted by USA & all or most of the 50 States.
    Hopefully, many kids will read some of the prohibited books, or find others even worse to our Babylonian teachers
    who approve of homosexuality and the murder of millions of babies every year, and the murder of hundreds of
    millions of people for our beloved high priests of war.

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