Lots of questions have been asked about where certain kinds of posts should be placed at The Tree of Liberty.

This is a suggested guide of where the subject matter of a post would belong. If there is a post that a mod has moved - chances are it will be located to one of these places:


Committees of Correspondence: Hard News, Breaking News (International, Domestic, Economic) - with verifiable link.

The Village Square:
Soft news, Human interest, stories and opinions.
Sub-forum: The Doctors Office- Medical topics

The Kitchen: Prep Information, Homesteading, How-to, Instructional, Home making skills.
Sub-forums: the Cookbook- for recipes
The Parlor- Sewing, Crafts, and Homemaking

The Library: Law, Legal, Literature, Research Papers, or long essays with abundant footnotes.

The Workshop: Survival topics, Crisis Management

The Barn and Stable: Machinery, vehicles , Skills
Sub-forums - The Barnyard: Animal Husbandry
The Greenhouse and Garden: Gardening

The Chapel: Religion and Theology Topics and Discussions

Members ONLY Forums:

Fraunces Tavern: General Discussion of everything from fine cigars, the weather to how you hate your In-Law's.
Tavern Sub-forums for specific interests- as indicated.
Sub-Forums: Hells Kitchen: Political topics
Green Dragon:
Read the description in the Green Dragon.

The Armory: Firearms, Weaponry and Self Defense. If it maims, kills, protects, detonates or you can shoot your eye out with it - this would be the place to post and discuss it.

The Laboratory: Technical topics about Science, Meteorology, Astronomy, computers and technology.

The Root Cellar: Paranormal and conspiracy topics- everything from Web Bots, Chemtrails, Elvis Sightings, Haunted mansions and Invaders from Mars. If there is a secret handshake or secret knowledge only the truly aware understand - this would be the place to meet.

The Marketplace: Tree of Liberty's 24/7 Flea Market and Swap Meet. Buy or sell - this is the place.

The Alley: If you wanna brawl because you're Irish and can't help it - or if you have to regain your honor - this is where it is best to take the argument. Melee's that erupt will also be escorted here.