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Thread: Source for wood chips

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    Default Source for wood chips

    You can put your information in, and you might get a free drop of wood chips or possibly even wood. You get to check if you want either or both.

    Or, you can offer $$$ to move up in line. I offered $20, and a full load of chips (wood chips, shredded leaves etc.) Arrived at my place within a couple days. This is a big load. Not a pickup load.

    I'm trying to avoid watering, and reduce weeds, as much as possible. All these wood chips are going to help big-time.

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    what I got isn't exactly wood chips
    It is trees and limbs that have been through a shredder -----but the were delivered at no charge
    I ended up with about 1/2 acre 6 feet deep in shredded wood
    a company was clearing the right of way on a local interstate highway ---I told them that I had a place 4 miles away that they could dump the wood if they were looking to get rid of it--they were happy to have a place that close
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