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If timid and pacified Southerners needed more proof that we are a defeated and occupied people, then indisputable proof was recently provided by the United States House of Representatives. At 7:24 PM June 29, 2021 the House of Representatives passed HR 3005. This legislation requires that all “statues” of Southern “Civil War” heroes be removed from the United States Capitol building. The Yankee Empire is making clear its policy that henceforth, Southerners, as with all other conquered people, have no right to publicly honor their heroes. Southerners are in fact a stateless people and stateless people have no government to protect and promote their values. Vae victis—Woe to the conquered!The Post War North/South Bargain is Broken
As part of the post war effort to restore some semblance of normalcy to our devastated and deliberately impoverished Southern homeland, the South agreed to remain loyal and patriotic to the newly created supreme federal government.[1] This new government, both state and national, was the antithesis—the exact opposite—of
America’s original Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States. But Southerners accepted the reality of defeat and, instead of following the rebellious example of the Irish under English domination, Southerners never again raised the question of selfgovernment (secession) or real States’ Rights (nullification). Southerners freely poured out their blood in every war fought by the United States since Appomattox. The South kept its part of the bargain. But the Yankee Empire now finds it politically expedient to break that bargain. The question now is: “What should be the South’s response to this broken bargain?” Timid and pacified Southerners would say that we should not respond at all. They prefer to remain silent, hiding in the closet, and hoping that no one will notice them. That of course would be the easy response—at least until it comes our turn to enter the neo-Marxist re-education camps, their Gulags, or killing-fields.
Stateless people are easy targets for cultural genocide and ultimately complete extermination via genocide or replacement by repopulation. If the conqueror does not engage in actual genocide, it is not because of some moral restraint on his part but because it is cheaper just to replace the native population with aliens who will support the empire.[2] All empires have done this—the Yankee Empire is no exception.3
Southern Congressmen Vote with neo-Marxist Democrats
True to their Lincoln and Radical Republican roots, some sixty-seven
Republicans joined the 216 Democrats voting in favor of the bill to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol.[3] According to the House Clerk’s report, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (LA), Murphy (NC), and Webster (FL) voted with the Democrats. In addition, there were eight Southern Republican Congressmen who abstained from voting—brave fellows indeed!
The Republican Minority Whip, Steve Scalise, represents one of the most “conservative” districts in Red State Louisiana. Yet, he had no problem in using his status to, in effect, endorse the malicious slander directed toward our Southern heritage by the likes of Antifa and BLM. As bad as the removal of Southern statues from “our” nation’s capital is, the implied endorsement of the slanderous lies promoted by the politically correct, leftist mobs and media is far worse. This implied endorsement comes to us from Representatives claiming to represent conservative voters back home. Why would Southerners who were elected by American-values voters use their elected offices to provide cover for America’s neo-Marxist enemies?
Counterfeit Conservatives
The United States, actually the Yankee Empire, is controlled by and for the benefit of the political ruling elite in Washington, DC, and their comrades on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, the mainline media and the educational establishments. Both liberal Democrat and conservative Republican politicians and party bosses have a vested interest in preserving the political status quo.[4] A conservative radio host who was very active in the Tea Party movement told me that the great mistake Tea Party folks made was putting their movement and faith in the hands of “good” conservative politicians. Too often counterfeit conservatives will use grassroots conservatives to get elected but then abandon us once they get in office. As one Southern Congressman noted, “To get elected you talk conservative down home, and then vote with the liberal majority once you get to Washington.” The political status quo provides elected officials and the Deep State bureaucracy with unending power, perks, and privileges—a politician’s first and primary aim is to preserve the political status quo. They are no different in principle than the Vichymen in France or the Quislings in Norway who were more than willing to work with the status quo government imposed upon their conquered nations by Nazi Germany. They (Vichymen and Quislings) betrayed their native country in exchange for enjoying the benefits offered by the political status quo. “After all,” they claimed, “someone has to run the government.” What was true for Vichymen and Quislings during World War II is also true for modern day counterfeit conservatives—our modern day Scallywags.
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