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Thread: Naturally Immune People at Little Risk of Reinfection, Severe Disease From COVID-19:

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWM View Post
    The absolutely best thing to do if you contract any of the variants is to treat immediately with Ivermectin.
    It doesn't reduce your natural immunity at all and is nearly 100% effective against SARS-CoV-2, MORONIC or other strains if given early.
    Hundreds of health care workers have followed this advice and if reinfected, and most are not, it is not even a "bad cold."
    Our glorious peoples leaders are preventing Americans from getting Ivermectin, which also cures cancer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoppalong View Post
    Ah yes promoting a death senile for the children. Thats mighty Christian of you. Should be going to a vaccinating party and leave it at that.
    Yep ignore the "REAL" Science on this new variant..

    Continue believing your "KING" and his "COVID GODS", not the "REAL" scientist..

    Your QUEEN just endangered the lives of second graders recently!!

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