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Thread: Is the world’s air travel industry deliberately being driven to collapse?

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    Default Is the world’s air travel industry deliberately being driven to collapse?

    July 5, 2022
    Is the world’s air travel industry deliberately being driven to collapse?

    By Andrea Widburg

    In America, Pete Buttigieg is proving to be the most incompetent Secretary of Transportation in American history. Confronted with thousands of canceled flights, he offers tips about how to value cash refunds compared to refunds in the form of miles. That’s bad. What’s worse is that a writer for a trend site claims to have talked with European insiders and learned that the problem with flights is not limited to America; it’s worldwide and deliberate.

    You can read here about Buttigieg’s tin-eared response at the start of the July 4th weekend when it came to canceled flights. For travelers, the weekend ultimately proved to be a nightmare:
    More than 10,000 flights were delayed and nearly 1,000 were canceled total this holiday weekend.
    Approximately 20% of the flights were delayed and 2.8% were canceled – a staggering number of cancelations and delays due to staffing shortages yet Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg remains silent.
    Here’s the breakdown of canceled and delayed flights for the entire Fourth of July weekend:
    More than 300 flights were canceled across the US by Thursday evening as the airline industry prepared for July 4 “Airmageddon.”
    By Saturday afternoon, more than 600 flights were canceled and 5,893 more were delayed — this means 28.8% of all flights were either canceled or delayed.
    An additional 900 flights were delayed and more than 200 were canceled as of Sunday afternoon.

    You’ll note that I used the word “incompetent” in the first paragraph to describe Buttigieg’s conduct. But what if that’s the wrong word? What if what’s happening isn’t a matter of competence but is, instead, by design?

    Image: Flight delays at airports. YouTube screen grab.

    And that’s where we get to an article by Alex Krainer, which was originally published at I-System Trend Following before appearing at ZeroHedge. According to Krainer, he had a three-hour call with Christine Anderson, a German member of the European Union Parliament, along with several other participants, three of whom are intimately familiar with the airline industry:
    Three of the participants on the call had deep inside knowledge of the airline industry (one of them a pilot) who said in no uncertain terms that the industry is now being systematically and deliberately demolished. Apparently, the ultimate purpose is to kill airline travel altogether.

    Krainer wrote that it certainly feels felt that there’s a serious problem across the industry, borne out by the fact that we see airline chaos both in America and abroad. He provided a handful of examples:
    According to Krainer, the same “traffic management systems that have evolved for nearly a century and that had functioned close to flawlessly for decades, now suddenly seem to be coming apart at the seams.” Another participant in the call added that what we’re seeing is consistent with the UN’s and World Economic Forum’s plans for a Great Reset, one in which “the ultimate intent is to do away with traveling and to establish a feudal arrangement where people remain fixed in place and all travel is banned.”

    Krainer himself concedes that what’s happening doesn’t need to be the result of a conspiracy. It’s enough of a problem that, for whatever reason, we are witnessing chaos in an industry that functioned with remarkable efficiency for decades. Certainly, pilot layoffs and early retirements during the lockdowns haven’t helped the industry. Nevertheless, in light of Krainer’s article, the real question in America is whether Buttigieg is an incompetent idiot, which is easy to believe, or is a well-functioning cog in a global plan to change the world in which we live so that it accords with the ideas of a handful of totalitarian elites (which is also scarily easy to believe)?

    For now, I’m going with incompetence and lockdown fallout but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep my eyes open for something sneakier and more sinister.
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    It's all about control. They plan to severely restrict travel of all kinds, not just air travel.

    Electric cars that cost much more to purchase ($60k or more) than gas powered vehicles as well as being much more expensive to operate and maintain than gas powered vehicles. They have a very limited range (this is key to their agenda) and extremely long charge times. The average person cannot afford to purchase such a vehicle much less keep it on the road.

    Eventually, people will be forced into cities where the will have to walk or use public transport to get to their destinations.

    Meanwhile, those who see that themselves as Lords of the Universe will continue to travel in limousines and fly from continent to continent in huge jets, all the expense of which is paid by you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Guest View Post
    It's all about control. They plan to severely restrict travel of all kinds, not just air travel.

    ... The average person cannot afford to purchase such a vehicle much less keep it on the road.
    As the economy falters and crashes, the average person will probably not be able to afford the price of gas either. Inflation and the war against fossil fuels may force people to stay home if they have one. Interesting times for sure. Better hope we can love our neighbors.

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    If bidens current assault on the oil industry in Texas is successful expect gasoline prices to quadruple. Roughly 40% of americas gasoline comes from the permian basin fields.

    Can you afford $20 a gallon gas? $30 a gallon diesel?
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    Most the super rich love all this chaos because they want world population to decline by billions to 500 million world wide. And almost all politicians are gung ho for it too.

    Once we are dead, we can relax.

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