The Chinese-Russian-Iranian Partnership of Evil
Prophecy Realized.

A couple of days ago, we published a writing entitled: The Freemasons in Charge are Picking a Fight with Russia. It included a particular prophecy from Our Heavenly Father through Louise Tomkiel in 2006. This writing will address such prophecy and its realization in further detail. Accordingly, we repeat the prophecy herein for your convenience.

Louise Tomkiel
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July 5, 2006
Louise began to receive words from God and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then your Heavenly Father spoke, "In the near future a mighty war will break out! Like My adversary who will claim to be Me, will come from the East(1), so too, will the diabolical war begin in this area.

Today they are celebrating for they seem to have the upper hand. Again I tell you that two large countries and one small country will unitethereby bringing near extinction to all life on earth. At this moment this unit is forming.

These evil powers have perfected a mighty nuclear bomb that also carries deadly germs, insects, toxins of every imaginable type. Many, many countries in fact, the whole world will live and experience the results.

Such turmoil is inevitable! Since man discovered atomic and nuclear energy and ways to control the weather and one another the earth will never be the same.

Man is in total control for he blindly follows his new found leader- -Satan. Hearts today are cold, evil, conniving. Few people are of Me. Few people love Me or one another. Most individuals set their own rules and are therefore accepted by the world and its sinful standards.

Within a short period of time there will be no more peace on earth, anywhere. Plant life will die! Animals too, will cease to exist! Man will suffer and die!

The greater majority of people choose not to believe Me, My words, Holy Scripture, My humble and little ignorant messengers. Your choice is clear -- follow Me and live or follow the world and die. Both are eternal!

Freewill I gave you so now choose your fate! The future of the earth is bleak. Be prepared in every way. Be always ready for whatever happens. Cling to Me! Follow ONLY Me! Put My word into action! Pray for everyone, everywhere! Offer your all to Me! Remain ever faithful to the end!Only in this way, My little ones, will you gain your Heavenly reward -- an eternity of bliss with your One Triune God.

Amen, My word is true. Only I have the final word. Your God and My tiny remnant are the everlasting victors.

All this must happen as I've stated many times before yes, this and more. Seek much faith and great wisdom. Mine will prosper while all those not of Me will die.

Amen, I again quote Scripture. Amen, come, love and obey Me for earthly hours are swiftly running out!" IEL.pdf

John Leary
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May 3, 2018:
Jesus said: “My people, there was a time when certain nations wanted to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. But now you have India, China, North Korea, and Iran all have nuclear bombs. With such weapons in the hands of rogue states, you could see a nuclear war started by any of these nations. Even if such bombs are used to cause an EMP attack on your electrical grid, this could cause a famine without people being ready with enough food to survive. This is why I have directed My refuge builders to stock up on food, water, and fuels so your people could survive a world famine. My refuges will be protected from any EMP attack, and no harm would come from any radiation or viruses.”

May 15, 2018:
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing signs that the North Korean leader wants to put conditions on any future talks. It appears he wants South Korea and the United States to stop their military maneuvers before he will come to the table. These preconditions could put an end to any substantial talks. It was unusual that North Korea would give up its nuclear program in the initial signs of peace talks. They only wanted talks because their bomb testing site had collapsed. You have not seen any communist country abide by their treaties, and they will continue such cheating. Do not trust Iran, Russia, North Korea, or China to abide by any treaties on nuclear weapons. Keep praying for peace, and to avoid any use of nuclear weapons.”

November 2, 2018:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a massive corona discharge from the sun that could harm your communication satellites. Such an effect on the earth will cause a large aurora borealis at both poles. This will be like the strange light that was seen before World War II started. The Blessed Mother told the people then to pray the rosary and change their bad lifestyles. They did not listen to heaven’s warning, and a strange light appeared in the sky, followed by World War II breaking out.(2) A while back the Blessed Mother also called the people of today to pray the rosary and change their lives, or a grave punishment would come upon the earth. This great light that will be seen in the sky, will be a precursor for World War III. Your prayers could minimize the deaths, but this war will happen in the Middle East similar to the descriptions of the Battle of Armageddon. Keep praying for peace and for less people being killed, but this will be a punishment for your abortions and your sexual sins.”

The Russia-China-Iran Alliance

November 19, 2021
By Eric Zuesse

MODERN DIPLOMACY - NATO, the U.S. Government, and all other “neoconservatives” (adherents to
Cecil Rhodes’s 1877 plan for a global U.S. empire that would be run, behind the scenes, by the UK’s aristocracy) have been treating Russia, China, and Iran, as being their enemies. In consequence of this: Russia, China, and Iran,have increasingly been coordinating their international policies, so as to assist each other in withstanding (defending themselves against) the neoconservative efforts that are designed to conquer them, and to add them to the existing U.S. empire.

The U.S. empire is the largest empire that the world has ever known, and has
approximately 800 military bases in foreign countries, all over the planet. This is historically unprecedented. But it is — like all historical phenomena — only temporary. …”

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China, Russia and Iran: The empires strike back
America is threatened by neo-imperialists

By Clifford D. May
December 15, 2021

WASHINGTON TIMES - Let’s play Jeopardy! The answer: “All were great empires in the past, and all now have rulers determined to establish great empires in the future.” And the question is: “What are China,
Russia and Iran?”

China is ruled by a Communist,
Russia by a hyper-nationalist, and Iran by an Islamist. All three seek to restore what they consider their rightful realms, and all see the U.S. as their biggest obstacle. It’s on this basis that they now have a flourishing alliance. No surprise that American diplomats speaking softly and carrying carrots instead of sticks fail to achieve progress with any of them. …”

For the complete article, see:

Iran, China and Russia hold naval drills in north Indian Ocean

Story by Reuters
January 21, 2022

CNN - The three countries started joint naval drills in 2019 in the Indian Ocean and the Sea of Oman.

Iran, China and
Russiaheld their third joint naval drills in the northern Indian Ocean on Friday, state TV reported.

Navies from Iran's armed forces and Revolutionary Guards are taking part in the "2022 Marine Security Belt" exercise over an area of 17,000 square kilometers (6,560 square miles), Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajoldini, spokesman for the drills, told state TV.

The drills will include various tactical exercises such as rescuing a burning vessel, releasing a hijacked vessel, and shooting at air targets at night. …”

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Iran, China and Russia link up for military operation to challenge ‘unipolar world’

By James Lee
Jul 7, 2022

EXPRESS CO UK - The so-called VRIC nations will take part in the 2022 edition of the International Army Games, organised by Russia and hosted by several countries since its inception in 2015. The exercise will see Venezuela seek to bolster ties with eastern allies amid tension with the west, and in particular, the United States.

The news comes from a report by The Centre for a Secure Free Society which says: “In mid-August, Venezuela will host the “Sniper Frontier” competition with the participation of Russia, Iran, and China’s military, as well as at least 10 other nations.”

The report noted that the competition is a “strategic move that seeks to preposition forward-deployed military assets in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The VRIC (Venezuela, Russia, Iran and China) nations are getting ready to make a loud statement that the region is ready to embrace the multipolar force.”

The United States has imposed a series of sanctions on all four members of the VRIC community, prompting the members to unite in resisting pressure from Washington.


Iran, China and Russia have held three separate joint military drills in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean in recent years demonstrating further cooperation between the trio.

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(2) Refer to After the Warning at

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July 9, 2022

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