Lifted this from ďCitizen Free PressĒ

Donít place all the blame and anger on leadership!

Remember the tools (people) they yield are just as culpable. Agentís, office staff, basically any and every cog in the wheels of these organizations are equally to blame. Some think the government will never ďfireĒ upon the citizens, THIS IS YOUR PROOF they will!

Perhaps some of your friends are these cogs, perhaps you will still invite them over for a barbecue ignoring the fact they are the only ones that can effectively and PEACEFULLY stop what is going on by refusing to be a part of it.

Think about it! Your friend (a cog) has the opportunity to prevent further damage to the republic without firing a shot. If they choose to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, American patriots blood will be on their hands. They are the key to restoring the republic and rule of law.