White Trash: Who Woulda Thought? – Abbeville Institute

I made the online “mistake” recently of speaking of the Bush bunch here in Texas as “carpetbagging with a white trash persona.”

It was part of a reply on Facebook– the Walmart of mental magic for clear-headed and erudite gray matter scrubbing –to someone who had pointed out how George Bush (the boy) and his gang of the dishonorable had lied about removal of a Confederate plaque (no repeat here as the incident is familiar to most from several years back).

I was informed that my comment (all or part was not indicated) had to be taken down as they had “independent fact checkers” johnny-on-the-spot and I was in danger of hellfire if I left it (this wasn’t really their verbatim quote, but close enough). But I immediately visualized some pimple-faced sissy liberal-type with pink or green hair, or perhaps some Ex-FBI or CIA thug digging around in the “national white trash files” for confirmation or disinformation (on my part). They think “national” and “federal” are synonymous. But turning that pony-thinking around would be more difficult than convincing them that, in fact, Lincoln was as dishonest as Delaware Joe and his Biden bandits. But I stray… However, these same idiots probably think “white trash” and “white supremacy” are identical.

I don’t know where these NWT “files” were put together, perhaps in the federal register or some such vague governmental outlet (or sewer) with the “federal” moniker attached. Wouldn’t matter. “Pimple faced” or ex FBI…CIA muckrakers, or whoever, present, or former tax-payer-paid-teat-tickler would no more know what the word “federal” meant than they would know what the phrase white trash meant. And they sure as hell wouldn’t know where the denigration regarding “carpetbagger” came from. They have never turned around and looked at the load that they carry bundled in ragged rags carried by skinny-limbs probably stolen from Yankee orchards.

Whether schooled in public or private institutions in the last half century any history exposure to most of them was drawn from the same articles and outlets that they still do not understand now.

Call it a paradox, call it a conundrum…, whatever. But it is so! Only an uneducated white trash, white supremacist would fail to understand The Cross of St. Andrew– Dubya, Nikki, et al, y’all listening? Maybe call it a tragedy for most of this bunch. But then, those who do not understand the difference between national and federal surely are not discernible as to tragedy and comedy, i.e. Sock and Buskin for the New England tosh.

But while those “independent fact checkers” are rooting around in their “national” garbage files, there are a hoot and a holler bunch of Rebels of the righteous cause who know who the Bush bunch and the Bidens and the Fox News bloviating cowards really are.

They all wear their little flags on Memorial Day and watch their old war movies and tell anyone who will listen to their vapid, dishonest, dry speeches how they “love” their country and “our” glorious light on a hill (I guess in New England?). With a 30 Trillion-dollar debt, I’m surprised the power company hasn’t turned the damn thing off.

Memorial Day? They mean war day. A day they pretend to praise the dead. But they are really praising their own absence from the rolls—from the cemeteries, from The Wall. They may salute it but they hardly understand why it came to be. Moreover, they don’t care!

In their hidden– in such closet prayers– they quietly dream of a Ukraine Wall they can furbish and worship. Arlington’s brave Grey lads no longer are needed or wanted.

Love and lights? Ha! I still say they are white trash! Bush and all. A New England hustler pretending to be a good old Texas boy who remembers the Alamo. Ha!

The Bush crowd couldn’t find the Alamo using every light on that stupid hill with a sampan full of free Chinese batteries to keep ‘em going.

So, censor me, you damn Yankees! I’ll be waiting with some Southern inhospitality.

And remember: Blue is cold—like the innards of a coffin. Not as Grey—like the standing of a Stone Wall.