(I ran across this on Facebook, and thought it was very well written and thought-provoking. ~ grower)

Darkness reigns upon the land,
darkest thoughts and vilest deeds,
death is always close at hand,
for evil begets what evil breeds.

The day is always dark as night;
the fog as thick as lumpy gruel,
t’is hard to tell your left from right,
or distinguish kindness from the cruel.

Down darkened lanes and alleyways,
vague shadows lurk among the thrash;
those once human in their yesterdays,
now ply their trade in blood, not cash.

Roars and screams rent the night so dark,
for death, it is your constant friend,
you must watch for those with the Devils mark,
for these will surely mark your end.

The fog, it freezes in the chill,
ice-crystals dancing in the air,
a crystal cloak for those who kill;
who swiftly strike and disappear.

Down streets with blood-stained cobble stones,
where gargoyle’d beasts are standing guard,
the children play with human bones,
the children that are bruised and scarred.

And if you dare to give them chase,
these children of the Devil’s ken,
you will succumb to the Devils race,
n’er more to dwell with mortal men.

The daybreak fails to lift the gloom;
all is silent, all is quiet,
all are sleeping in darkened rooms,
awaiting for the fall of night.

Written by Ambrose Harte and posted on Facebook by Simcha Jessel, of Jerusalem, Nov. 23, 2015.