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Thread: H1N1 experience... interesting herbal discovery and REMEDIES!

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    Red face Last week was my once a month trip to town ...

    And, Friday morning I started feeling sorta off. So, I used my cold/flu tincture twice.

    Saturday although no worse still was just not right so decided to dip into the new bottle of elderberry tincture that was still perking.

    So, everyday since last Friday I have taken two doses a day of my cold/flu tincture and also the elderberry tincture.

    Whatever it was/is is very mild and not enough to put me off my food or make me stay in bed for the whole time. Which here on the ranch can't be done anyway.

    Eating light, resting when possible and taking the tinctures so far is working well.

    For the past few years I've been taking the elderberry once a day and have not been sick. BUT, I ran out and did not start a new batch until the end of December.

    And, something did get ahold of me but was mild thanks to the tinctures.

    It is so easy to perk up a batch of this stuff and it does work against colds and flu.

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    Babs - my Sambucus, Nature's Answer that I purchased from Amazon has 5000mg of Black Elderberry, infused with Echinacea and Astragalus. I think perhaps each brand of Sambucus may be different?

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    Putting up a new batch of elderberry syrup today just a bump to keep the old remedies in your mind for this flu season.

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