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Thread: dehydrating ham

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    Default dehydrating ham

    use a lean well cured ham.
    trim off all fat.
    since the ham in the store you buy is already cooked, you can dehydrate it as is. [make sure it says cooked on it].
    however further ciooking at home will make it more tender.
    cut ham in to 1/4 inch squares, or very thin slices. and spread one layer deep on the dehydrator trays.
    dry at 145 degrees for about 4 hours, then reduce temp to 130 degrees, and dry until hard and dried thoughout. during drying stirr the pieces very once in a while.

    to use your dried ham cubes, use 1 cup of ham and one cup of boiling water in a sauce pan. cover and cook on low heat for about one hour. use ham in cabbage soups, or bean soup, or in green beans, any thing really.

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    bump. This was easy and yes great to throw into soups. I'm on a mission with dehyrating this summer. Almost finished with veggies and moving into meats. MM

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