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Thread: Canning goat's milk?

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    Default Canning goat's milk?

    Can I put my goat's milk in jars and pressure can it?

    If so, are there specific directions or links?

    We FINALLY have a sweet dairy doe, but now we are all accustomed to not drinking milk.

    We just cook with it, mainly, and use it a bit on cereal (which almost never crosses the threshold).

    I make sour cream and will be making cheese and such, but I also have several does due, and am anticipating a milk overrun.


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    i don't know about canning it, but you could make kefir, and THAT can be used to make a TON of stuff
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    make cheese. I justgot my self yet another book on cheese making at the TSC farm store. and everything in the thickbook is by using goats milk.
    make butter, yogurt, then freeze it. tons of things you can do.
    or hot water bath for one hour. but don't say i told ya.

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    Wink Once hubby is up I'll go get my goat cookbook for ya ...

    When I was milking 24x2 everyday I had surplus milk in two spare refers, plus made cheese and all the rest.
    I did can mine at one point. It changed the flavor ALITTLE but not enough to bother any of my crew.
    I canned mine only in pint jars. Ended up using nearly all of it when a foal lost it's dam and I only had one goat fresh at the time. It worked fine for that baby and I have just never gotten back to that part of the canning the milk.
    I have four freezers so I just freeze it all now.

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    Smile Can someone else put in their 2 cents on this

    please! For the life of me I can NOT find the right canning book which decribes canning goat milk. I will keep looking ...

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