Italy: Muslim Beats Schoolgirl for Wearing Crucifix

By Raymond Ibrahim on May 26, 2015 in Muslim Persecution of Christians

A Muslim schoolboy of African origin beat a 12-year-old girl at a school in Italy because she was wearing a crucifix around her neck.
Islamic animosity for the Christian cross on display in Pakistan

According to ANSA news agency, the African boy “punched the girl violently in the back at the entrance to a middle school in the town of Terni on Thursday [May 14] and the girl’s mother caught the boy, who subsequently told Carabinieri paramilitary police he attacked the girl because she was wearing a crucifix, police sources said.”
The boy, who had only started to attend the school approximately three weeks earlier, began to bully the Christian girl—“insulting her and picking on her in other ways all because she was wearing the crucifix”—before he finally assaulted her.
Islamic history and doctrine is full of condemnation of and violence against the Christian crucifix. Islamic prophet Muhammad himself reportedly “had such a repugnance to the form of the cross that he broke everything brought into his house with its figure upon it.” He also once ordered someone wearing a cross to “take off that piece of idolatry.”
Italian police refused to charge the boy with any offense citing that he is a minor