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    Photo: Trudeau hypocritical pandering while praying at Mosque

    August 17, 2013 — BC Blue
    The photo above of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was from the Facebook page of Tarek Fatah – it doesn’t include any information on why Trudeau was there but maybe it was for these reasons:
    1) Trudeau is at this Mosque to convince them to allow women and gays?
    2) Trudeau is at this Mosque to convert them into being pro-abortion same as he is?
    3) Trudeau is at this Mosque to let them all know that none of them would be allowed to sit in the Liberal caucus because of their anti-gay and anti-abortion stances?
    4) Trudeau is at this Mosque to let them know that religious people aren’t as smart as Atheists and that they are all bigots like Stephen Harper as his spokesperson stated (see here)?

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