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    We have a woodburning fireplace, but it doesn't give off much heat. Definitely not enough to warm a room, though it is better than nothing.
    How can I fix that? I've read that we may need to install a blower or fan of some kind, to push the hot air into the room.
    However, being a proud Texan who was summarily denied electricity for days, I would like to know if anyone has figured out how to do this off-grid.

    Right now we are using a battery powered fan, but there must be a better way!

    We are burning oak that we harvested and seasoned ourselves, and the fire is hot. It's just not getting into thw room!
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    Tear out the insert and get a woodburning stove. plumb the chimney into the fireplace chimney. It'll blow you out of the house with the heat. You'll need the windows open.
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