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    You cannot legislate or order away the evil in human hearts.

    Consider this, how many people in America own an Armalite Rifle – model 15 (not an “assault rifle” as TPTB would have you believe)? If they ban this, how many people who own them would then be made felons by simply owning them. This then removes their ability to vote. It is called Civil Mortuus, rather, the “legal death of all or almost all rights by the government who presides over them.”

    40 million people own “AR pistol stabilizing braces” in America. How many of them do not vote “D?” By owning them, they are essentially becoming felons for something that was legal yesterday. Again, being a felon removes your right to vote.

    This is not about “safety.” This is about removing the ability to have any opposition to the Democrat party. Period.

    The intention of the 2nd amendment is not that we can hunt, it is to have the power of the people remain with the people. That means that we protect our bodies, loved ones, home, townships, and nation from foreign and domestic threats to our Constitution.

    The military doesn’t swear fealty to American Presidents or parties, but to the Constitution.
    I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I
    will obey the orders of the president of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    An oath never expires.

    As I’ve quoted numerous times in numerous places, the civilian population is the last line of defense in this nation from powers foreign and domestic. “We the people” are the power that our elitist governing bodies SHOULD fear. This is how we rebuke tyranny. A well-armed populace is not only commanded in the United States Legal Code ( but is also the only way we do not lose every single freedom that we are inherently born with. This includes disagreements with others, identifying as a gender (or not), choosing who you love, etc. The Bill of Rights is not a list of permissions you are granted by the government, but a list of things that government SHALL NOT touch. Biden is wrong, they ARE absolute.

    They include (1) not letting the government choose or refuse your deity, press, or protest. You have the natural god (non-deity specific due to the fact that you breathe) given right to (2) protect your body, loved ones, home, etc. which SHAL not be infringed. We are intended by the Founders to be as well armed as the governing powers, to hold them accountable and keep them from stripping us of our other rights. (3) We do not need to shelter soldiers of other countries or our own to sleep in our homes, sleep with our wives, or beat our children against our will. (4) We are protected from allowing our homes, vehicles or persons be searched just because someone “thinks” something about us. (5) We do not need to incriminate ourselves, we have due process, and cannot have our property taken from us without “just compensation.” (6) We have a right to a fair and speedy trial, by an impartial jury. (7) We have a right to a Jury trial (I’m looking at you #REDFLAGLAWS). ( We have the right as a person who exists to not be exposed to or be impugned with cruel and unusual punishment. (9) We have MORE rights by existence than just what is explained in this Constitution. (10) The Federal Government, President, and Congress ONLY have the powers that are granted in the Constitution, if it isn’t in the Constitution, it belongs in the power of the states, and ultimately THE PEOPLE.

    I pray and hope that people have read this. I did a survey for college years ago and found that out of around 1000 people aged 73 years or younger, only 12% have actually read the Constitution, and only 1.7% had read both the Declaration of Independence AND Constitution.

    I have made this post public and hope I won’t lose my job (with the government) because of it. Please share, and I pray every day for our public SERVANTS who claim they are our leaders. If they continue on this path, we MUST revoke consent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regulatedhobbyist View Post
    .... how many people who own them would then be made felons by simply owning them.

    Hmnn ... I choose "D", all of them.

    This then removes their ability to vote.

    If it isn't painfully obvious by now that "voting" is merely an exercise in pacification ....
    Should the effort to disarm wee peepses truly gain any traction there won't be anymore "voting"
    in the conventional sense.

    The "Patriot act" for all intents and purposes negated our Bill of Rights.

    The goobermint has been skirting our Constitution in an effort to maintain some semblance
    of validity / legitimacy and has been successful as wee the brave, free peepses don't seem to mind the constant lawless impositions.

    I appreciate your contribution here but it's too late for verbiage of any sort to make any difference, it's now a matter of waiting for the assault.

    I would offer that you not compromise your employment or health and well being with attempts to awaken the comatose
    peasants ... they don't really care and will be upset with the likes of you should they discover that they must.


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    That is about the size of it, Oscar Wilde. The Drug war, that was designed to eliminate low priced interference with the Rich man's drug profits, and also negated our Rights.
    I once saw a complaint posted in the Federal Courthouse in Los Angeles, California where a house and it's land was the defendant. How can a house or land defend against liar polititians and their lawyers?

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    “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.”
    That’s how Gideon Tucker put it back in 1866, a New Yorker who knew Albany as a former legislator, secretary of state, and judge. Nothing ever changes because history repeats solely because the passions of politicians never change throughout the centuries.
    You can thank me later

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    "...and only 1.7% had read both the Declaration of Independence AND Constitution. "

    Very very sad statistic. We may find out what revoking consent looks like?

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    they never had mine in the first place nor will they get it if they come here

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    Take a picture of our idol, the Constitution, and in reality there is printed on it, in bold letters this notice:

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