Why is a spy plane circling the site of the Arizona election audit?

The best-case scenario is that someone is engaging in domestic surveillance. But there's a much darker scenario that could be in motion.

by Scott Boyd
May 3, 2021

There are a handful of protections for the American people that the Deep State wishes didn’t exist. The Freedom of Information Act is the most famous and powerful as it has been used over the decades to uncover some of the most nefarious actions by government while acting as a deterrent to prevent them from being even more dastardly.

One of the least ballyhooed and utilized protections is the public transponder data available to track aircrafts and ships. Even the vast majority of military vehicles are subject to this type of tracking with notable exceptions under certain circumstances. It was through this tracking that Creative Destruction Media was informed by sources that a government surveillance plane has been circling the site of the Arizona ballot audits. This plane and others have been doing so from the beginning and continue to do so today.

Don’t be fooled by the stock image of the mundane-looking Pilatus PC-12/47E. This is a powerful surveillance tool often used by military and intelligence to collect unbelievable amounts of data with infrared cameras capable of seeing through obstructions and high-def cameras that can read license plates from the sky. It’s a Big Brother tool that would make Marvel’s “Hydra” proud, all wrapped up in a plane that could pass as a charter hop.

Following the loop of this particular plane reveals it originated at the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport. This almost certainly means it’s the spy plane used by the Phoenix Police Department. We have reached out to the department for confirmation and to ask about the case for this particular flight on April 30. With no major crimes reported in the area at the time, this reinforces the notion that it was coopted by government entities; the expensive flights are otherwise kept to a minimum except in extreme circumstances.

According to CD Media:
CDMedia has been informed by multiple verified sources that U.S. government intelligence surveillance aircraft have been circling over the Arizona election audit location. The PC-12 aircraft has full motion video capability and can vacuum up cell phone transmissions and follow the connection to the other end of the call to find out intelligence on the other party involved.

These aircraft were used heavily in the Middle East against terrorists. There is no information on what U.S. government agency is using the aircraft to spy on American citizens working for election integrity. One source told CDMedia it could be the FBI, the military, or U.S. intelligence agencies.

The best-case-scenario is that a government agency is keeping tabs on the auditors and, more importantly, their findings as they are presented in real-time. This could be very useful in not only keeping them ahead of developments from the audit but also tracking participants and their connections to help identify further targets for surveillance.

As bad as that sounds, it may be even worse. Conspiracy theorists have long-speculated aircrafts such as these have the capability of destroying or manipulating data on the ground through any device with an internet connection. If the Deep State was involved in stealing the 2020 election, as we have long believed to be true, then it would behoove them to throw monkey wrenches into as many aspects of this audit as possible.

One does not have to wear a tinfoil hat to question the motives of those who assigned a military surveillance aircraft to circle the site of an important voter fraud audit. These are American citizens who are, at the very least, being surveilled without probably cause and likely without a warrant. These people are not committing crimes. They are trying to uncover them. Why would the government be surveilling these people or worse?

Despite efforts of the federal government, Deep State, and mainstream media to downplay the Arizona election audit, this is drawing the attention of millions who believe the 2020 election was stolen. Is it being covered up even more right now?

Kambui, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons