Hey, Gov. Cuomo, You Probably Shouldn't Say That Regarding Advice on the COVID Vaccine

Matt Vespa
Posted: May 04, 2021 6:00 AM

Source: Shannon Stapleton/Pool via AP

Maybe he doesnít know. Maybe he doesnít care. Whatever the case, the glass bubble New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resides in is so dense a tomahawk missile probably couldnít penetrate it. Itís no shock. The man knows who will protect him. Despite increased coverage regarding his alleged sexual misconduct, the real scandal is fading into the ether. Gov. Cuomo and his aides cooked the books of the stateís COVID death toll. They undercounted the nursing home count by 50 percent. The New York Attorney Generalís Office had to do the homework on thatóand Cuomoís goons blocked release of that data repeatedly. They also harassed reporters for years concerning coverage they didnít like. The man acts like a thug, and his style killed peopleóliterally.

Cuomo signed that executive order that forced nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. It doesnít take a genius to know that a contagious airborne virus would spread like a brushfire in these facilities that are not only poorly ventilated, but house the nationís elderly and infirm, the demographic most at-risk of dying if they contract COVID. Cuomoís order probably helped spread the disease and thousands died because of it. Yet, Cuomo was anointed Mr. Leadership because he held pressers and looked like he was handling this crisis like an ace. In reality, he was Chuckles the Clown, he didnít know what he was doing, and the elderly were dying by the fistful. He did write a book, however. Maybe it should be retitled: Grim Reaper: How to Kill a Ton of Your Residents and Get Away with It Because the Liberal Media Is That Stupid.

And now, this man is doling out COVID vaccine advice. Thatís like taking dating advice from Ted Bundy. You just donít do it. Whatís more, the governor showed an appalling lack of self-awareness. When issuing a warning to those who are hesitant about getting vaccinated, the governor said thereís a risk these people could kiss their grandparents and kill them. You literally cannot make this up. Second, New Yorkís vaccine rollout was a disaster, so Andy is literally the last person you want to hear about anything on COVID. Itís the devilís candy, folks. Stay away from Cuomo.

Gov. Cuomo to people who don't take the vaccine:

"Maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother." pic.twitter.com/QZbyJBAIj1
ó Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 3, 2021

Cuomo is an expert on this particular subject https://t.co/AYNI5vV2Fb
ó Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 3, 2021

Just say no.

Cuomo killed so many of his own residents that it cost the state a congressional seat after being just 89 people shy.