The time has come to draw a line between the city cops and country cops. I still support the cops in my area. I live in the country. There are no violent black lives matter rallies. The most we have is a couple dozen people holding signs and then leaving an hour later.
For me , with the exception of cops being forced to be revenue generators by giving tickets, cops are a very real value. They are the ones I call when there's trouble.
City cops in progressive cities are no longer working for the good of the people. They are working to provide protection for social justice warriors and the religion of woke. This has been evident for everyone for the last year. I understand that many police officers are working paycheck to paycheck and needed some time to get the hell out of big cities and transfer into different careers, or more to more conservative cities.

Any police officer who currently works in a large progressive City can no longer be trusted. When the mob of woke comes to try to kill you. They will stand by and do nothing. If you try to defend yourself because you don't want to die. They will arrest you, and you may spend the rest of your life in jail. Progressive cops are now our enemy. They are the foot soldiers of the sjw. Which means they are on the side of the devil.
It's sick that I have to make this statement. But it's the truth.